Ashok Hall Girls' Higher Secondary School

"I will always be indebted to you for providing me an opportunity to visit Birla Tyres factory at Balasore in class 12. That exposure at a young age seeded the interest for manufacturing business. Eventually that brought me into manufacturing of air springs (made of rubber) for the automotive air-suspension applications for the last 15 years.

I can’t thank you enough and all the teachers & staff members of Ashok Hall for everything."

-Arpan Basu

Thank you.

"I wish to thank you and the entire administration of the school as well as the teachers for their contribution towards this achievement."

- Abhishikta Ray, Batch of 2011

“Ashok Hall has contributed so much in making me who I am today. I can't thank the lovely teachers enough who have shaped the formative years of my life.This gesture sure makes me feel that I was part of a great institution with great values.”

-Pragati Banka

“I wish to thank you, the school authorities and my teachers for giving us students the opportunities and encouragement from the start to pursue our dreams. Be it playing the piano during assembly, taking part in inter-school festivals or starting a class newsletter, I have cherished each opportunity extended to me at Ashok Hall. This has helped shape my personality immensely. I owe any achievement of mine to my strong roots and am a proud alumnus of Ashok Hall.
I am beyond grateful.”

-Shreya Kejriwal, Batch of 2005

“I really take pride in the fact that I was a student of Ashok Hall School of batch 2005 - 2007. Today wherever I am, a great contribution lies from my Alma Mater. “

- Soham Mukherjee

“Looking back at the school days, I have developed a deep appreciation for the exposure that was provided to us by the school. I was also apprised of the multiple initiatives being taken by the school to connect with and to showcase achievements of the Alumni members and I commend the effort. I too, believe that such efforts help encourage and inspire students and show them the possibilities for their own lives. Our founder, Mr.B.K.Birla, he was a mentor figure whom all of us looked up to; and Ashok Hall has been, and will always be, close to my heart!”

- Shivangi Tulsian, Batch of 2012

Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar

Geetika Sarda-(Batch- 2011)

“Whatever little I have achieved until today has the backing of all the school teachers who have effortlessly engraved lessons of kindness, gratitude, and honesty in all their students. MBSV is not just school for me, it’s my second home and will always remain and indispensable part of my life.”

Aishee Roy-(Batch-2015)

“While at school, and now, as an alumnus, I have had a tremendous impact of belonging to your fraternity, which I am so proud of. My trajectory, since MBSV, has had its own way, which became smoother because I would constantly return to school, even as an alumnus. The values that were formed there, the relations that were built and blossomed over the years, my process of becoming which started there- are all the things I go back to everytime, to remind myself of walking worthy.”

Vineeta Gulgulia- (Batch-2008)

“I am glad to be part of the MBSV family whose priority was not only focusing on education but also on creating an effective culture and positive environment that plays an equal important part in making us all successful in life, personal and professional both. As a result of your efforts in ensuring the balance of these attributes, I can proudly say that MBSV has helped me with the first step towards becoming a successful person.”

Dr Priti Khemka- (Batch- 2001)

“I can’t describe how honoured I feel to have been a part of your esteemed institution, to have my roots nurtured here and now to be recognised as a distinguished alumnus.”

Sumit Singh- (Batch 1993- 2001)

“I studied for 8 years (1993-2001) from nursery to fifth standard in mbsv and a big part of whatever little I have been able to do is because of the wonderful teachers and wholesome experience as a student of MBSV.”

Jyotsna Taparia (Batch- 2003)

“As I grow older I realise that how my school like no other institution shaped me as an individual in ways beyond academic achievements- it helped define my moral fibre, values and ethics that holds me in good stead.”

Bishakha Mukherjee (Batch-2001)

“I passed ICSE 19 years ago, and for the school to remember and connect with the alumni so many years later is highly commendable. I can’t thank the institute and my teachers enough for the love and care with which they tutored us in our formative years. I will always cherish my association with Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar, and would be honored if I could ever be of any service.”

Shania Bhalotia

“This gesture from school reminds me how kind and full of affection the school was and still is. I derive inspiration and receive support from the institution and the teachers even to this day. I hope that in the future, I will be able to contribute to the school as well. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of the Ashok Hall Group of Schools. The lessons that I have learnt here have been invaluable.”

Raveena Gupta

“I am lucky that I got to study in this school with wonderful teachers who guided me throughout my years. The school never forgot to appreciate us, and after so many years receiving this is very overwhelming.”

CA CS Sweta Dugar

“Even though I left school a decade ago, school hasn" left me and is very much a part of me. Whatever little I am today, credit for it goes to my school "MBSV". The care and comfort provided to us is unparalleled. From baby steps to becoming a qualified professional, all the teachers have played an instrumental role in shaping me.” "SHISHU VIHAR IS OUR JOY AND PRIDE"

Ritika Biswas

“I am ever grateful and proud to be a part of the prestigious Ashok Hall Group of Schools and MBSV Alumni Association.”

Swati Khaitan

“MBSV has had a huge role in shaping the person I have become and what I have learnt in my years there is definitely invaluable.”

Sweta Singh

“Whatever little I am today my school played a big part in shaping who I am as a person and the values in me.”

Rajesh Pandey

“MBSV is always in my heart forever.”

Ritesh Pandey

“MBSV has always fostered growth and new ideas.”

CA Priti Dalal

“I fall short of words to express how thankful I am to be part of MBSV. The values, manners and my foundations have been built in the school which I cherish and admire every day. Whatever little I am today, credit for it goes to my school "MBSV". The care and comfort provided to us is unparalleled. From baby steps to becoming a qualified professional, all the teachers have played an instrumental role in shaping me.” "SHISHU VIHAR IS OUR JOY AND PRIDE"

Anusua Das

“I am a proud student of the Prestigious Institution – “Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar” and no expression can be good enough to express my gratitude towards the contribution of my Alma Mater. I am indeed blessed and fortunate to be part of this MBSV family. Whatever little I could achieve in my life - MBSV indeed played a major role, I will eternally uphold the flag of my beloved Alma Mater. God willing, I would like to meet you in person someday and will share my thought with you.”

Vineet Periwal

“My childhood school which I love more than anything else in my life .This is the place where I was taught the value of life which made me the person I am right now. This place has given me friends who are still like my family.”

Neha Goradia

“School life helps to deal with higher education, new job, and new family judiciously. The values imbibed in a child during school days stays for life.”

Shilpi Jaiswal-(Batch ISC 2002)

“I hope I can raise her to have the values that the Ashok Hall group of schools and MBSV instilled in us that "Knowledge is to serve" and to serve is the biggest success of our lives.”

Shankhabela Mukherjee

“As a student of MBSV who has spent majority of her waking hours at school, I hope to be able to continue to serve my school, which is my second home.”

Sneha Dhanuka

“I am who I am because of MBSV.” Proud MBSVian

Swati Saraff-(Batch of 2007 ISC)

“A (school) place where I have lived my entire childhood life.”

Anshu Dhawan

“MBSV will always be close to my heart and looking back brings nothing but so many happy memories.”

G D Birla Centre for Education

“GDB is a school to which I owe so much. ...a school which has laid down a very strong foundation to my educational profile. Even during the time of my higher studies abroad in German history politics and culture it is ma’am Vayjanti Bose's lessons on Hitler and 2nd World war and Ms Samarpita Gupta's lucid explanations of fascism and it's difference from capitalism and Socialism....that have greatly helped me while I was preparing my research paper in Germany.

I also want to thank ma’am Anusha Mukherjee, ma’am Alpana Kumar from the bottom of my heart whose explanations of Hamlet and English poetry have helped me greatly even during my days of Masters and Double Masters.

In fact to be honest all the teachers of GDB during the time I studied.... starting from LKG till grade 12 were wonderful. I love them, respect them and miss all of them. 14 long years in GDB have given me so many wonderful memories ...which I will treasure and cherish as long as I live....”

Alakananda Khastagir (2001 pass out)

“The token received from my alma mater brought back so many memories. I have no words of gratitude for this wonderful gesture. Thank you so much for thinking about me is priceless and will remain with me forever.”


“A place which taught me biggest lessons of my life, a place which gifted me with such friends who are always there for me, a place which blessed me with such teachers who has moulded me in the dice which I’m today, a place which provided me with the best time of my life, a place which was very hard to define in words. I am immensely happy as well as emotional thinking even after 14 years my alma mater felicitating me is such an overwhelming gesture. Thank you so much!!”

Arnab Dasgupta

“Thank you G.D.Birla Centre for Education for this wonderful appreciation. It is overwhelming to still be connected deeply and strongly with your Alma mater. And yes this bond only grows stronger. Extremely honoured. And not to forget special mention to all the teachers, faculty and staff members for always being the support in making us a better human being.

With this wonderful gesture my beloved school also creates a milestone to portray the connection of an alumni member with its alma mater. Ever grateful. I can proudly say I am a GDBian.”

Sayan Chatterjee Batch - 2011

“Thank you for the gift and the beautiful message. It was a lovely surprise. It brought back those nostalgic memories of school life and the school logo moistened my eyes even after 25 years.

Proud to be a part of this educational institution and I owe my success in all walks of my life to this very school.”

Tripty Sonar (Dutta Majumdar)

“I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the token of appreciation sent to us. It is highly appreciated for the kind of love and care shown to us. Thanks you!

Abheek Roy (2010 pass out)

“I would like to express my extreme sense of gratitude and thankfulness towards the priceless gesture. That really means a lot.”

Sanjit Singh (ISC-2006-2008 Batch)

“I wish to thank you for appreciating me on behalf of my school. It feels blessed and I am more energetic than before to perform well in my future endeavours. The love and the support of my teachers of this prestigious institution are immense and I will always make them proud.

Thank you once again M Khaitan Ma'am and Sudipta Sir. It will always be a memorable gift and a token of achievement that I can cherish forever.

Thanks to G.D.Birla Centre of Education.”

Shourjyatanu Bose, ISC 2010

“As an ex-student I am not only proud to be a part of G.D.Birla but I am thankful to my teachers for shaping my personality and character in the best way they could. They were our mentor, our friend and our guide.

I still remember every one of them and deep down aspire to be like them. I am grateful to everyone at school for preparing us so well before we stepped into the outer, bigger and broader world. The confidence we have in us today is all because of what we were taught yesterday.

May our school continue to provide the top quality education it always did. May the name and glory of G. D. Birla Centre for Education keep shining forever.”

Sreeparna Mukherjee. 2008 batch

“I, Bonita Bhattacharya née Dutta Chowdhury, am an ex-student of Ashok Hall (1988 Class X, 1990 Class XII). Presently, I am a science teacher in one of the most reputed schools of Kolkata. This reference to my profession is to acknowledge the foundation which I developed as a student of Ashok Hall, to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers who guided us tirelessly with all their love, affection, admonition, care and all other essential attributes which went into the way of building us as positive contributors of the society and when my Alma Mater sends me a Letter Of Appreciation to appreciate my achievements well, my Day Is Made. I am delighted and feel blessed.

I am truly humbled; always was and will always remain proud to be a student of Ashok Hall Girls’ High School.”

Bonita Bhattacharya.

“I am deeply honoured with this gift which I received from my prestigious institution. It's been 10 years since I have left my school life, but today while collecting my surprise gift I had the same amount of energy, excitement like I had during my school days.

Thank you so much mam, I assure you my success graph will go upwards and will uplift my school's name.”

Anil Nag

“Thank You, G. D. Birla Center For Education for such an appreciation and I take extreme pride to be a part of it.

Thank you to all the teachers, mentors and my parents for guidance. Actually, once we enter into the professional life we forget our childhood but it’s overwhelming when your school identifies your professional career and your wellbeing by such a nice appreciation. We are used to accepting appreciations from our employers but from school, it's over expectation.

Special thanks to Khaitan Ma'am, for the Token of Appreciation.”

Manojit Modak (ISC 2011) 

“I express my sincerest gratitude to your great and exemplary service to the spread of education in the nation. You have masterfully created a chain across the nation where thousands of children shape their character and bright future.

I would like to thank G.D.BIRLA CENTRE FOR EDUCATION as it is synonymous with quality education and also thankful to you for appreciating me. I’m grateful for the privilege of being part of it and for giving such a competent learning environment for all the students.”

Avik Mazumdar (Batch 2011)

“Thank you ma'am Khaitan and all my lovely teachers. Such wonderful appreciations are priceless! It has been my pleasure always to be a part of this school and it makes me feel more special today that my school still remembers me!”

Pallab kumar Gangopadhyay (ISC 2011)

“The extraordinary token of appreciation came by as a complete surprise to me,ELEVEN YEARS after passing out! While our school days and the school itself are always cherished in memory by us, among friends and family, regularly or is absolutely a very satisfying feeling to know that the school has us in its mind and heart as well!

The token will always remain an aspect of pride for me and I extend my most heartfelt gratitude to you, my school and all faculties, old and new, who have deemed me worthy for receiving this priceless gift.”

Debarka Roy (Batch of 2009, Science)

“The best recognition I have ever received! A little sunshine amongst the cloud of bad times that all of us are going through. My school, which I left more than 2 decades back sent me an appreciation letter to recognise my achievements in professional career and life.

I am so grateful to my alma mater for whatever little I could achieve a lot goes to where I started my journey of learning. As they say you learn all the basics and life skills in school rest all is more a finishing touch to enhance the fundamentals.  I am especially thankful to all my teachers for being through thick and thin and help each one of us grow in our own capacity.  

Off course I can never forget my batch mates, seniors and juniors for whom I could survive studying and making school life so memorable. 

Extremely grateful and blessed” Samanwita
Batch - 1995

“Birla Sanskriti Trust’s support made my dream possible and I was able to start my journey in academic research. When I received the note of encouragement from school, I felt very emotional and it filled me with even more gratitude and a sense of responsibility. This token of appreciation is incomparable and it represents my connection with my roots, my institution, which inculcated in me the values, ideas and passion for seeking the path of knowledge.

Our founding father and his family’s legacy will continue to inspire many more students like us and change lives and his vision of educating the youth into becoming leaders will forever shine on and continue to prosper. My school has taught me to be humble and to celebrate the profound legacy of my cultural heritage, which is celebrated and marvelled upon globally

I hope to uphold the legacy of my institution and everything it has taught me. I am forever indebted to you for your support and encouragement, which is hard to express in words.

Thank you very much for your encouragement and support, which is like a guiding light for me.”

Ranjamrittika Bhowmik

“I feel myself greatly privileged and thankful to receive the wonderful token of remembrance from you. I am falling short of words to express my regard and love for you and my school.

  The golden memories were once again stirred. Now at this juncture of life we realise how perfectly you groomed us for our life. Whatever we are today we owe to you and our administrator ma’am Mrs. A. Chakravarty.

I once again express my regards to you for the gift of remembrance. I will really be happy to be in touch with my school.”

Dola Das (Chatterjee).

“The school was amazing and the things that I learned in school were helping me grow every second. GDB was not just a school for education in the subject you choose, but a holistic life lesson.

The educational tour to Kalaikunda Airforce station, the sessions that we had in Kala Mandir, the spectrum practice session, and the culmination of it into the biggest event of my life at that time was an amazing experience altogether and great learning for me.

Choosing GDB was one of the best decisions of my life and it immensely helped me hone myself for the way forward. The guidance from the teachers was amazing and I owe my success to you and all the teachers of the school who selflessly shaped and groomed us. Thank you.”

Jigmee Wangchuk Bhutia
ISC 2007

“I am extremely humbled and would like to sincerely thank Manjushree Ma'am and the entire GD Centre For Education Group for this lovely gesture.

Best Regards to all my teachers and mentors who have taught me the best lessons of life.”

Prithvijit Deb Mondal
ISC 2006

“I am deeply humbled and honoured to receive your token of appreciation. A huge part of whatever I have achieved so far academically and professionally is because of the institution that not only educated me and many others, but also empowered us to become independent, principled and capable individuals. Whatever we have built thereupon is because of the solid foundation that was laid by the school and its teachers.
I wish the institution the very best and may the flag of our institution keep flying high.
Thank you once again for remembering me and recognizing my efforts. I hope to remain in touch.”

Ilika Guha Majumdar

“Thank you for sending the token of love all the way from India! Such wonderful appreciations are priceless! 
It has been my pleasure always to be a part of GD BIRLA CENTRE FOR EDUCATION since my childhood and it makes me feel more special today that my school still remembers me!

Thank you so much!”
Tulika Majumder
Batch – 2011

“I feel privileged and proud to be remembered & recognised by my Alma mater, despite the passage of so much time and distance.
Your passion, commitment and drive to inspire our nation’s children and young minds makes us incredibly proud as your students and inspires us to follow in your footsteps as we progress through our lives and careers.

What is also worth mentioning and recognition is that, despite the significant constraints and challenging of these times, we GDB, were one of the first schools to go digital in West Bengal, or maybe the entire country. And I have no doubts that this has been achieved due to your singular focus of always going the extra mile for your students and ensuring that learning and education remains paramount.

You and our school, are not only inspiring our students but also setting an example for the future of educational frameworks in India. Thank you so much for helping us shape our lives and aspire for brighter futures, instilling the resolve to face adversity, helping us to find our voice and setting us on the path to contributing for the greater good of our society.

A ‘big thank’ you to all our teachers, faculty & mentors whose teachings make a real and vital difference to the lives of our future generations every single day. Your love, care, dedication & devotion to the betterment of our lives will be remembered for eternity.
Folding my hands in gratitude and best wishes.”

Diya Ganguly Mallick

“I am extremely honoured to receive the token of appreciation from G. D. Birla Centre for Education. ‘Thank you is a miraculous expression. We feel good when we say it and we feel good when we hear it.’ by Dr Daisaku Ikeda.”

Lopamudra Mukherjee
Batch 1989

“My school has had a special place in my heart always. I was overwhelmed by a sense of fulfilment, happiness and gratitude. Thirty one years have flown by. It has been a truly rewarding journey. I am grateful to all my respected teachers who have contributed in their own unique ways, with their invaluable guidance, encouragement and unstinting support.”

Suhrita Basak.

“I would like to expsress my gratitude to the Birla Sanskriti Trust. It is a matter of pride to serve the world being a student of G. D. Birla Centre for Education.”

Koustav Routh
ISC 2012

“I take extreme pride to be a part of GD Birla which nurtured me to be a good human being and gave opportunity to become who I am today. Thanks to our respectable teachers and mentor for all the guidance.”

Anupam Singh

“I am fortunate enough to be a part of this institution. Even after 14 years the institution has felicitated me in such a lovely manner. I am really overwhelmed with such a sweet gesture from my institution. I thank you madam for all the things you have done for the students & this institution.”

Arnab Dasgupta

“Thank you for such a lovely gift. I am really honoured that my school still remembers me after long 13 years. After receiving the gift all my old school memories have been revived.

Thank a lot for this…”
Rishi Kundu
ISC 2007

“I am honoured to be recognised from G.D Birla centre for Education and thank you for the prestigious gift that I received. 

It means a lot to me and will keep up with my work and hope I can keep up the name of G.D Birla with the teachings I have received here in this temple. I could not have achieved this without your blessings and teachings. 

Thank you so much mam.”
Md Mahabub Alam
2010 batch.

“Thank you for the wonderful token of appreciation. During these tough times it felt really good to be remembered by our alma mater. GD Birla has always been close to my heart and has always nurtured me in the right way, this is the place where I have spent best days of my life. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Jithesh Nair 

“Thank you for your hospitality and kindness even after so many years, for the love and support you have always given to your students. I am grateful that I was a part of such an amazing school and so many wonderful people whom I could have the privilege to call my teachers. 

I hope we keep making you proud and continue successfully with all our future endeavours.”

Kostav Chaudhuri
ISC 2009 batch

“I would really like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind gesture during this tough times, I am overwhelmed to see a gift coming from my school after 11 long years. You have always been our inspiration and the School laid the foundation of our career, we are and will always be grateful for your and the school's contribution in our life.”

Rajib Basu
2009 batch

“Thank you so much for this wonderful gesture. I am really happy to have received this token of remembrance. It has been 14 years since I passed out and the connection with GDB is still so fresh.  I would like to thank you, Principal ma’am, all the teachers and the support staff for keeping the ex-students alive in their hearts. GDB is a very integral part of our success and well-being and we are very proud to be part of this institution.”

Chayan Roy
ISC 2006

“It is with greatest gratitude that I want to solely thank you for this valuable token of love from my school. It’s magnificent when your teachers remember you even after so many years (2007 to 2020) to be precise 13 years. It has simple bring back my sweet memories and made my day overjoyed, during such a pandemic situation. Feeling deeply happy inside. Thank you once again for this precious and wonderful gift.”

Tilak Banerjee
ISC 2007

Thanks from the core of my heart for the token of remembrance sent to me. I feel valued and honoured when my school remembers me after so many years.

Pratik Sarkar
2007 ISC passout

I thank my school (G.D.Birla Centre for Education) for the token of love. 2007 to 2020…It’s almost 13 years. It’s wonderful when your teachers remember you even after so many years. Simply made my day...feeling happy.

Debmalya Laskar
ISC 2007

I was a student in G.D.Birla from 2005-07 (Boys’ section; science). Very recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a gift from the school and, after all these years, it was a pleasant surprise. I feel elated to have received the gift and am quite humbled at the gesture.

Debjyoti Bardhan
Batch 2005-07

Ex-G.D. Birla student, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for such a lovely token of love and respect even after so many years of leaving school. It’s an honour to be remembered for so long. Thanks to all my teachers and principal mam for being so kind and for helping and guiding me to build my career and personality as it is today. I shall remain ever grateful to you all.

Iman Dutta
Batch 2007

It's really an honour and proud moment for me when I got the surprise gift from GDB. It gave me flashes of memories at the same moment & made me nostalgic. It reminds me of the famous song 'The summer of 69'. Thanks a ton for bringing smile on our faces & refreshing our sweet memories.

Prajjal Sinha
Isc 2007

Thank you for the wonderful token of appreciation. During these tough times it felt really good to be remembered by our Alma mater. GD Birla has always been close to my heart and has always nurtured me in the right way, this is the place where I have spent best days of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jithesh Nair

I would like to thank you for the token of appreciation that the school has given me. Even after 13 long years, this act of remembrance has immensely touched me and I would like to thank the school for providing me the support, education, and guidance.

Kaustav Sen
Batch 2007

Surprises are always the best thing that can happen to you amidst all these chaos. One such surprise made my day, when I received a call from my family informing me that a package was delivered with my name on it and it was from GD Birla School. Almost 13 years since I passed out from that school and they send me such a surprise..! I am literally overwhelmed. Thank you so much !

Amit Agarwala

I'm one of the privileged student to be a part of G.D. Birla School. I have been associated with this institution from 2005 to 2007. Though it's a short period, but it has been one of my best years of learning. This school is more than books & desks and learning chapters; it’s the people who share their skills & care. Thanks for everything. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Somnath ghosh
ISC 2007

I’m honestly very glad to have received this gift from my Alma mater. I have always appreciated how my school has helped me not only in my studies but also in shaping my character. I couldn't have reached where I am today without the help of the Faculty. I thank you for the gift and bringing a smile amidst the pandemic.

Avishek Das Gupta
Batch of 2011

Thank you.

We owe a lot to this brick and mortar structure which became a second home to us in no time. We stand by the organisation not just today, but whenever we are needed. Together in these tough times for sure! :)

Geetika Sarda.

Hi Teachers,

You have all my support in these tough times. MBSV teachers are the most caring among all the schools in Kolkata and they go way beyond their duty to help and care for us in every way possible. Please let me know how can I be of help.

Thank you,

Dear sir /ma'am,

This pandemic situation has affect a lot of people around th world. The educational institutions have been badly affected as well. Being an alumni members, I would like to give all my support to MBSV as much as possible.

I would also like to thank all th teachers who have adapted the new technology and are do dedicated in teaching all the students over the web. Cheers to the Institution and our teachers !

Riya Poddar
Batch of 2016

Dear Fellow Admininistrators,

Kindly let me know how the school may benefit from any services from my end.Will be happy to humbly extend that with my efforts.

Deepest Regards
Dr.Anupurba Banerjee

Dear Alumni,

As the years passed by, the educational edifice you grew up in unwaveringly stood tall against unsettling odds. Each fragile block that we cemented, turned into a structure filled with supreme strength and courage. Inside the structure are preserved your little footsteps that, today, have turned into wondrous temples of inspiration and awe. Your notorious sounds and innocent chatter linger in every block of our structure, preserving it against perils and precariousness.

To stand the test of time during the pandemic, the structure in which you once resided, needs your support against an overwhelmingly reckless force that has vexed mankind. The yesterdays with you need the palm that we held and walked for a today that can overcome obscuring obstacles.

Your concerns will be cherished for time immemorial.

Thanking you,
Yours truly
For Ashok Hall Group of Schools