Ashok Hall Girls' Higher Secondary School

“Ashok Hall has contributed so much in making me who I am today. I can't thank the lovely teachers enough who have shaped the formative years of my life.This gesture sure makes me feel that I was part of a great institution with great values.”

-Pragati Banka

“I wish to thank you, the school authorities and my teachers for giving us students the opportunities and encouragement from the start to pursue our dreams. Be it playing the piano during assembly, taking part in inter-school festivals or starting a class newsletter, I have cherished each opportunity extended to me at Ashok Hall. This has helped shape my personality immensely. I owe any achievement of mine to my strong roots and am a proud alumnus of Ashok Hall.
I am beyond grateful.”

-Shreya Kejriwal, Batch of 2005

“I really take pride in the fact that I was a student of Ashok Hall School of batch 2005 - 2007. Today wherever I am, a great contribution lies from my Alma Mater. “

- Soham Mukherjee

“Looking back at the school days, I have developed a deep appreciation for the exposure that was provided to us by the school. I was also apprised of the multiple initiatives being taken by the school to connect with and to showcase achievements of the Alumni members and I commend the effort. I too, believe that such efforts help encourage and inspire students and show them the possibilities for their own lives. Our founder, Mr.B.K.Birla, he was a mentor figure whom all of us looked up to; and Ashok Hall has been, and will always be, close to my heart!”

- Shivangi Tulsian, Batch of 2012

Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar

“Whatever little I am today my school played a big part in shaping who I am as a person and the values in me.”

Sweta Singh-

“I can’t describe how honoured I feel to have been a part of your esteemed institution, to have my roots nurtured here and now to be recognised as a distinguished alumnus.”

Dr Priti Khemka- (Batch- 2001)

“Whatever little I have achieved until today has the backing of all the school teachers who have effortlessly engraved lessons of kindness, gratitude, and honesty in all their students. MBSV is not just school for me, it’s my second home and will always remain and indispensable part of my life.”

Geetika Sarda-(Batch- 2011)

“While at school, and now, as an alumnus, I have had a tremendous impact of belonging to your fraternity, which I am so proud of. My trajectory, since MBSV, has had its own way, which became smoother because I would constantly return to school, even as an alumnus. The values that were formed there, the relations that were built and blossomed over the years, my process of becoming which started there- are all the things I go back to everytime, to remind myself of walking worthy.”

Aishee Roy-(Batch-2015)

“I am lucky that I got to study in this school with wonderful teachers who guided me throughout my years. The school never forgot to appreciate us, and after so many years receiving this is very overwhelming.”

Raveena Gupta-

“This gesture from school reminds me how kind and full of affection the school was and still is. I derive inspiration and receive support from the institution and the teachers even to this day. I hope that in the future, I will be able to contribute to the school as well. I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be a part of the Ashok Hall Group of Schools. The lessons that I have learnt here have been invaluable.”

Shania Bhalotia-

“As I grow older I realise that how my school like no other institution shaped me as an individual in ways beyond academic achievements- it helped define my moral fibre, values and ethics that holds me in good stead.”

Jyotsna Taparia (Batch- 2003)

“I passed ICSE 19 years ago, and for the school to remember and connect with the alumni so many years later is highly commendable. I can’t thank the institute and my teachers enough for the love and care with which they tutored us in our formative years. I will always cherish my association with Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar, and would be honored if I could ever be of any service.”

Bishakha Mukherjee (Batch-2001)

G D Birla Centre for Education

Thanks from the core of my heart for the token of remembrance sent to me. I feel valued and honoured when my school remembers me after so many years.

Pratik Sarkar
2007 ISC passout

I thank my school (G.D.Birla Centre for Education) for the token of love. 2007 to 2020…It’s almost 13 years. It’s wonderful when your teachers remember you even after so many years. Simply made my day...feeling happy.

Debmalya Laskar
ISC 2007

I was a student in G.D.Birla from 2005-07 (Boys’ section; science). Very recently, I was fortunate enough to receive a gift from the school and, after all these years, it was a pleasant surprise. I feel elated to have received the gift and am quite humbled at the gesture.

Debjyoti Bardhan
Batch 2005-07

Ex-G.D. Birla student, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for such a lovely token of love and respect even after so many years of leaving school. It’s an honour to be remembered for so long. Thanks to all my teachers and principal mam for being so kind and for helping and guiding me to build my career and personality as it is today. I shall remain ever grateful to you all.

Iman Dutta
Batch 2007

It's really an honour and proud moment for me when I got the surprise gift from GDB. It gave me flashes of memories at the same moment & made me nostalgic. It reminds me of the famous song 'The summer of 69'. Thanks a ton for bringing smile on our faces & refreshing our sweet memories.

Prajjal Sinha
Isc 2007

Thank you for the wonderful token of appreciation. During these tough times it felt really good to be remembered by our Alma mater. GD Birla has always been close to my heart and has always nurtured me in the right way, this is the place where I have spent best days of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jithesh Nair

I would like to thank you for the token of appreciation that the school has given me. Even after 13 long years, this act of remembrance has immensely touched me and I would like to thank the school for providing me the support, education, and guidance.

Kaustav Sen
Batch 2007

Surprises are always the best thing that can happen to you amidst all these chaos. One such surprise made my day, when I received a call from my family informing me that a package was delivered with my name on it and it was from GD Birla School. Almost 13 years since I passed out from that school and they send me such a surprise..! I am literally overwhelmed. Thank you so much !

Amit Agarwala

I'm one of the privileged student to be a part of G.D. Birla School. I have been associated with this institution from 2005 to 2007. Though it's a short period, but it has been one of my best years of learning. This school is more than books & desks and learning chapters; it’s the people who share their skills & care. Thanks for everything. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Somnath ghosh
ISC 2007

I’m honestly very glad to have received this gift from my Alma mater. I have always appreciated how my school has helped me not only in my studies but also in shaping my character. I couldn't have reached where I am today without the help of the Faculty. I thank you for the gift and bringing a smile amidst the pandemic.

Avishek Das Gupta
Batch of 2011

Thank you.

We owe a lot to this brick and mortar structure which became a second home to us in no time. We stand by the organisation not just today, but whenever we are needed. Together in these tough times for sure! :)

Geetika Sarda.

Hi Teachers,

You have all my support in these tough times. MBSV teachers are the most caring among all the schools in Kolkata and they go way beyond their duty to help and care for us in every way possible. Please let me know how can I be of help.

Thank you,

Dear sir /ma'am,

This pandemic situation has affect a lot of people around th world. The educational institutions have been badly affected as well. Being an alumni members, I would like to give all my support to MBSV as much as possible.

I would also like to thank all th teachers who have adapted the new technology and are do dedicated in teaching all the students over the web. Cheers to the Institution and our teachers !

Riya Poddar
Batch of 2016

Dear Fellow Admininistrators,

Kindly let me know how the school may benefit from any services from my end.Will be happy to humbly extend that with my efforts.

Deepest Regards
Dr.Anupurba Banerjee

Dear Alumni,

As the years passed by, the educational edifice you grew up in unwaveringly stood tall against unsettling odds. Each fragile block that we cemented, turned into a structure filled with supreme strength and courage. Inside the structure are preserved your little footsteps that, today, have turned into wondrous temples of inspiration and awe. Your notorious sounds and innocent chatter linger in every block of our structure, preserving it against perils and precariousness.

To stand the test of time during the pandemic, the structure in which you once resided, needs your support against an overwhelmingly reckless force that has vexed mankind. The yesterdays with you need the palm that we held and walked for a today that can overcome obscuring obstacles.

Your concerns will be cherished for time immemorial.

Thanking you,
Yours truly
For Ashok Hall Group of Schools