Online Classes have Started for All Classes. Students Please Stay Connected. Stay Indoors and Stay Safe


Guidelines and Safety Measures for Online classes

27th June, 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

In order to avoid intrusion by outsiders into online classes, we would want your ward to follow the below mentioned guidelines:

1. Do not share the link / class code with anyone outside the class.
2. Each child must enter with the email ID created with their name. No nicknames will be allowed into the class.
3. Video must be on while entering the class, else your ward will be denied entry into the online class. Video may be turned off after teachers’ instruction sometime later to save data for other classes.
4. Teacher and one student will monitor the entry of students in class.
5. All students must upload their updated profile picture in school uniform (except for new admissions).
6. Attendance will be marked and recorded every day before the class begins.
7. Students are not allowed to present or share screens until they obtain permission from their teachers.
8. Students will not send any personal messages through Google Classroom post and Google Meet chat.
9. For any online activities organized by the school, students must be in uniform (unless instructed differently by the teacher in charge).
10. In order to ensure that your Email ID is not hacked, please change your password frequently.

Thank you,
Birla Gyan Mandir

30th May, 2020

Dear Madam,

Greetings of the day !

At the outset let me thank you for your acknowledgement of our payment of the school fees! Children are a priority always and school education for them is the best we can offer them.

I appreciate the efforts taken by Your teachers to suddenly switch over to a different mode of teaching! I salute their endeavours to communicate in spite of various difficulties, sometimes due to insufficient gears and sometimes network problems. As a parent it was a learning for me to suddenly adapt my ward to a technically updated system, stay away and watch her grow with her teachers guidance. It gives a big relief now that we are able to communicate very well teaming with the teachers to help her learn more.

Now as the lock down is lifted except for schools and colleges, it will be appreciated if you keep your online classes at least once a day , as the children are still confined indoors and seeing friends and teachers (some of them are her favourite) will keep her chin up instead of getting depressed and lonely.

Unfortunately the extracurricular activity classes (e.g Yoga in PT class) had a bit of difficulty and I was looking forward to getting these class videos uploaded in google classroom for a regular practice. Exercise evades many physical shortfalls!

I must admit that the beautiful videos uploaded on extra curricular activities like fun activities, yoga for kids , dance etc, which were posted before the online class started have been very well adapted and is regularly practised for last 2 months. So if online classes are not there, there should be some activity for them to do in google class, is my request.

I am very happy to see the great bond between my ward and her teachers, and appreciate their patience and tolerance of the parents interference sometimes.

Together we will definitely see a new dawn !
Wishing safety for all!

Warm Regards !

Dr Sudipta Mitra
Mother of Anshumitra Biswas, class 3 B

Fee Update

30th May, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We had announced on 10th January 2020 that there would be no hike in fees for the year 2020-2021. We further reiterated the same through our circular dated 12th May 2020.  Apart from freezing that there shall be no increase in fee, we had proactively announced reduction of the amount in certain components of the fees in the month of April, May and June. Keeping in view the protracted hardships in the current scenario we have decided to announce a second round of further reductions for the fee payable for July, August, September.

1. There will be a reduction of Rs 600 per month for (July, August, September) 2020, for classes Pre-Nursery to VIII.
2. No  bus fees will be charged for (July, August, September) to existing bus students who have paid the bus fees for (April, May, June).

With best regards

Yours truly,
For Birla Gyan Mandir

Fee Update

13th May, 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian,

Hope you and your family are safe and healthy as you read this letter. Our sincere thanks for your patience and understanding. We are extremely appreciative of our students and parents for their positivity, flexibility and resilience during these difficult times.

Our goal is to provide continuous education. Our teachers are regularly taking classes and activities online. Under the prevailing circumstances we need to meet the standards of teaching and continue to provide deliverables to our students like every year.

We extend our consideration to the parent fraternity during these trying times. Please note that there has been no increase in fees for the session 2020-21. Keeping in mind the present circumstances the management has decided to administer some measure which is as under.

1. 50 % bus fees will be charged for April, May, June

Mode of Payment of fees : Payment through online mode : ( ICICI Bank )) Birla Gyan Mandir, Account Number 161601000360 : IFSC Code - ICIC0002414 : Branch Bansberia

The details of the fees will be sent to you in a separate circular.

Stay strong! Stay healthy!

Yours truly,
For Birla Gyan Mandir

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About Us

Birla Gyan Mandir, an integral part of the Ashok Hall Group of Schools, is an English Medium co-educational school set up within the premises of Kesoram Rayon staff colony at Kuntighat, Hooghly district. The school has Pre-nursery, Nursery, Kindergarten and Classes I to VIII.

Birla Gyan Mandir works towards imparting all round education to the students and specially focuses on inculcating in them the principles of all faiths especially Indian tradition and culture. The primary goal of the school is to encourage the students for pursuing excellence in academics as well as to develop skills that will help them face global challenges.

Birla Gyan Mandir believes in following a child-oriented method of education, specially focusing on individual potential. This system of education that the school follows helps in guiding the students to grow up into versatile individuals and gain opportunity to prosper and realise their potential.

Campus Facilities

Birla Gyan Mandir has been set up within the safe and secure grounds of the Rayon colony, amidst gardens and play fields. The school occupies an exclusive building block comprising modern amenities that has been transformed into bright, airy and colourful environment for young children. The school campus is adorned by lush green playground with slide, swings & see-saws. The school comprises –

  • Big, airy classrooms
  • Well-stocked libraries
  • Auditorium multi-media facilities
  • Dance and Music classes
  • Band Training
  • Cricket Coaching

Special Features

Bridge Programme for Early Steppers

Each student is given an opportunity to show case their talent

  • An engaging and nurturing atmosphere that encourages students to explore and be creative to make learning fun
  • Special workshops are conducted on Communicative English, Fine Arts and other need educational enrichment activities
  • Varied co-curricular activities are conducted to bring out the best in each child

Summer School Programme

A summer school programme has been designed which offers a variety of structured activities to students enabling them to learn new skills. Children are encouraged to participate in various activities such as Story-telling, Role Play, Drama, Art & Craft, Creative Writing and English communication. We, at Birla Gyan Mandir, work towards bringing the best out of each child.

Multi-cultural Education

The curriculum and ethos of Birla Gyan Mandir portrays an understanding and awareness of the variety of cultures that constitute our society. We seek the support of every parent to reinforce the values in the students.

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Academic Session

The Academic session begins in April and ends in March. The session is divided into two terms and comprises two vacations and one break.

  • Summer Vacation: 4 weeks (May – June)
  • Puja/ Diwali Vacation: 3 weeks (October – November)
  • Winter Break: 15 days (December – January)


The school follows a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses on the key skills of literacy and numeracy. The curriculum for the Nursery and KG classes are based on the foundations that are laid for all future learning as the children move forward to explore and appreciate the world through a combination of set activities and free play. As the children progresses through school and grow in confidence, Birla Gyan Mandir pay increasing attention towards imparting the academic skills to the students. A team of dedicated teachers work towards grooming the pupils to experience fresh challenges that would foster independent learning.

Co-curricular Activities

Birla Gyan Mandir believes that co-curricular activities are at par with education for a student’s all-round development. These co-curricular activities help in infusing some of the facets such as creativity, energetic, enthusiasm and positive thinking into a student’s personality. The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities and all the children are encouraged to participate. The activities that we offer include – Dance, Music, Drama, Quizzing, Art & Crafts, Sports, Games and Physical Education


Admission related information to lower classes is published on the school Notice Board in the month of October. Parents are asked to accurately fill in the admission form and submit it at the school office. Admission to Pre-Nursery is granted to children who have completed the age of two years as on 1st April of the year of the admission.

The admission to Kindergarten and classes above are subject to vacancies at the beginning of the school year. A transfer certificate of the candidate from the school last attended is a must for attaining admission. Parents or legal guardian of a candidate should accompany them and introduce them to the school.
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