Congratulations to all the students for excellent results in CBSE, ICSE and ISC examinations 2020

We thank all those who stood by us
in these difficult times

Respected Ma'am Khaitan,

I am overwhelmed to let you know that my daughter Arattrika Roy of your esteemed institution has scored 96% in ICSE in the 2019- 20 session.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for your kind support in all aspects. I also want to thank you for the school infrastructure that you have provided us and your untiring effort to run this mammoth task. I would pray to you to bestow your love and blessings on our children as you always did, so that they can glorify the name of the school in future.

Wishing you a good health, so that you can cross many more mile stones in future.

With heartiest regards,
Yours truly
Sanjukta Banik Roy.

Dear Principal,

I, Afreen Nizam of Class-X Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar.

Sincerely Thanking you for sending me such a lovely present. I feel cherished nd proud to be a student of Ashok hall Group Of Schools.

Thanking You..
Afreen Nizam

Dear Ashokhallites,

“Success is … knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

—John C. Maxwell (American author and speaker- b.1947)

You persevered incessantly and your success has raised our heads yet again with pride and honour. Ashok Hall Group of Schools is overwhelmingly delighted to share 100 percent pass results in the Board Examinations 2019-2020. We congratulate all our students. Let’s celebrate their success.

Thanking you,
Ashok Hall Group of Schools

Respected Ma'am
Greetings of the day!

I would thank and appreciate the entire team of Ashosk Hall Group of Schools for the online classes being provided successfully in this Covid 19 pendamic situation. Perhaps AHGS are the pioneer who started the online classes from the first day of the new session April 2020. Which is highly appreciated. Initially the online classes were a bit different / difficult to all of us but today specially students have easily adapted this system.

The entire online process are being so well conducted and controlled by the teachers. I would also appreciate the teachers for their immense patience in handelling the students through online classes and teaching them.

My list of appreciation are uncontable but would mention few:

1. Taking regularly attendence.
2. Study matters and worksheets are being given time to time, and the work sheets are being duely corrected.
3. Explaining the chapters of each subjects and clarifying the students doubt/ queries individually is appreciated.
4. All the teachers are very helpful and passionate towards their students.
5. Revision is being done with limited amount of chapters without creating much pressure to the students.
6. MCQ is very much appreciated, which is conducted after full revision of the chapters. Students are enjoying and it is helping them to grow perfection and developing confidence.
7. There are few teachers who are also providing knowledgeable informations apart from the study matter is truly appreciated.
8.Students are taken care of their pronunciation, annotations, and passage reading in their English/ Hindi class is also appreciated. ( Teachers may vary class wise and section wise).
9.ECA specially foreign language class is very much appreciated as the students are enjoying learning a new language.

Keeping in mind the pendamic situation if the students are emphasized on learning rather than being judged through grades can be a positive approach.

Very rare schools in Kolkata are providing such quality education through online classes like AHGS according to my knowledge.

What else can be expected more through the online classes at this pendamic situation.

AHGS is itself a BIG brand and I personally will not compromise with the quality and standard AHGS is providing to their students.

Quality education is always appreciated.

I am proud that my ward is a part of AHGS family.

I would conclude with a positive note, let us hold our hand together and move forward and break all the obstacles to maintain the quality / standard of the school for the betterment of the school and students.

I Congratulate! AHGS team whose contribution guided the students with remarkable results.

Stay Safe!

Thanking You
Priyanka Ghosh Hajra

MS S. Nath
Principal, G.D. Birla Centre For Education
Respected Ma'am,

In this unprecedented pandemic situation, certain incidents provoke me to write this letter. As guardians, we are very satisfied with the academic quality of the institution and the immense services of the teaching and non-teaching staff of this school. From the media, we came to know that some guardians are mobbing agitatedly in front of the school gate with some fictional demands. As guardians, we do not support it because we do not want to set an incorrect example to our wards. Unruly activity can only provoke indiscipline, and illegal and unethical concepts. Our appeal to all co-guardians is to fully deposit the school fees within the 10th of July, 2020, and even if it is just partially possible, then they should do it. However, if it is not all possible within the 10th of July, 2020, then they should clarify the reason to the school authorities within 72 hours, and esteem their capacity within which date they will be able to fulfill their materialistic committments to the school and deposit the post-dated cheques. We believe that this respected institution will decide these matters with a humanitarian aptitude. As guardians, we have fulfilled our materialistic committments to the school after immense effort, and know many guardians who did the same, but we do not want to disclose their names as some unruly people may disturb them. We believe that all co-guardians will try their best to do so. If somebody is really incompatible to do it and their wards are truly brilliant, then the school should decide the rest.

With regards,
Sumit Chatterjee and Sonali Chatterjee
Our ward's name is Sharanya Chatterjee, Roll Number 12, Class VIII B (Afternoon)

The Principal
Dear Sir/Madam

Amitabha Mukheree F/O Antara Mukherjee VIB Day of G.D. Birla Centre For Education, proudly announce my strong support towards the School in this crisis situation. I will stand by this proud Institution and make myself available for any assistance required by the school at any point of time.

I thank all the administrative staff and above all the teachers for the wholesome effort put forward to continue the education in this pandemic situation.

Amitabha Mukherjee